Step 7-11 – Finally Made it!

Hi all! I know this is late, but if any of you need some last minute feedback to give, or to receive, just let me know 🙂 Either way, I hope you enjoy my assignment!

Dan Rehbein Accounting Steps 7-11 COMPLETED

Depreciation Graphs

All Journal Export

P&L Export

Balance Sheet Export

Cash Flow Export


Assessment Time – My Company, Spreadsheets and more!

It comes that time again where I get to post on my blog, it’s been awhile! Anyway, I’d better get into it, take a look below and find the work I’ve been doing, feel free to read and enjoy!

My Financial Reports:




My Work:

Daniel Rehbein – Steps 3-6 Final

Step 4 Dan Rehbein Accounting Assessment

Daniel Rehbein – Accounting Assessment Step 5